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Welding Electrodes are used to fuse two pieces together and is available in consumable or non-consumable finish. These electrodes find usage in providing current using nonmetal objects for altering them in different ways so as to measure conductivity for different purposes. Some end usages these are used in include for medical purposes, for electroplating, arc welding, grounding as well as for chemical analysis using electrochemical methods.

The range offered by us under this includes Mild Steel Electrodes, Low Hydrogen Type, Low Alloy High Tensile, Stainless Steel Electrodes, Hard Facing, Casting, Cutting & Gouging and Maintenance Electrode.


Mild Steel Electrodes are the high deposition electrodes that find application in low as well as medium carbon steels. Providing for X-ray quality welds, these also feature superior mechanical properties and crack resistance. The electrode also meets the demands of providing stable, spatter-free and low penetration arc.

Some of the applications these are used in include:
  • Pressure vessels
  • Boilers
  • Heavy duty equipment
  • For welding mild carbon steels
  • For welding low carbon steels
  • For structural and general fabrication works

  • Provides for uniform metal transfer
  • Allows for easy to control weld pool as well as slag in all positions

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Low Hydrogen Type Electrodes are the basic coated low hydrogen electrodes that find application for high tensile strength job works as well as for welding heavy structures. These also find usage in areas where impact strength at sub-zero temperatures is needed. The presence of basic coated formulation also provides for weld that is of defect-free radiographic weld quality. The superior flux formulation also provides for optimum performance of electrodes in all welding positions.

  • Allows for easy to control weld pool and slag
  • Finding suitability for difficult to weld steels
  • Providing for neat weld profiles in fillet joints
  • Providing for high tensile strength as well as excellent toughness
  • Suitable for use on highly restrained joints
  • Suitable in structural works for joining, repairing and fabrication applications
  • Suitable for medium/high tensile steels
  • Suitable for non-machine-able electrode on castings

  • Welding of structures
  • Restrained joints
  • Bridges
  • Industrial plants
  • Storage tanks
  • Boilers
  • Pipelines

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Low Alloy High Tensile electrodes are the heavy coated, low alloy and high tensile electrodes providing for radiographic quality deposit. With superior resistance against atmospheric corrosion, these are suitable for weathering steels and welding high tensile steel that finds suitability for meeting the welding needs of following metals in all thicknesses –

  • Steel
  • Wrought/cast iron
  • High carbon variants

Some of the features of these electrodes include:
  • Moisture free basic flux coating resistant to moisture re-absorption
  • Meeting demands of weld metal having low levels of oxygen that provides superior resistance to solidification cracking on thick sections
  • Obtaining superior sub-zero toughness
  • Maintaining strength as well as toughness properties of weld metal

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Stainless Steel Electrodes comes with maximum carbon content that assists in enhancing resistance to inter-granular corrosion and as low hydrogen products these also maximize stainless covered electrode’s performance and metallurgical integrity.

With the electrode needing storage in climate-controlled conditions, these are mainly used for meeting the welding needs of molybdenum - bearing austenitic alloys. We can offer these in different packaging support as per the specific demands of the customers.

Available Choices:


Hardfacing Electrodes find application for overlays on all ferrous metals. Also suitable for high impact loading and abrasion, these are suitable for areas like impellor works, foundry sand mills and others. Further, these hard facing electrodes also finds usage on ferrous metals requiring dot formation and rapid deposition with little/no de-slagging support involved.

These are also suited for handling the demands of welding hard facing sugar cane crushing rolls in vertical positions while being slowly revolved.

  • Suitable electrodes for hard-facing applications on Low Alloy Steel and Carbon Steel
  • Weld deposit is resistant to abrasive wear
  • Have superior toughness properties
  • Provide stable arc
  • Provides for smooth and uniform weld bead
  • Allows for superior slag detachability

  • Brake shoes
  • Crane wheels
  • Gears
  • Plough shears
  • Conveyor parts
  • Other areas where abrasion with toughness is needed

Available Choices:


Casting Electrode comprises all positional, electrode depositing weld metal featuring iron – nickel alloy with the weld achieved assisted in achieving superior bond strength as well as ductility. Further, the welds provided are also highly crack resistant with superior slag detachability.

As a basic coated electrode, it allows achieving non-machine-able welds for cast iron as well as for meeting the joining needs of mild steel to cast iron. With no requirement of preheating, these are suitable for carrying out repair work for filling of cracks, cast iron castings and others.

  • Suitable for carrying out repair jobs on cast iron casting
  • Suitable for worn out castings and surfacing
  • For filling of cracks
  • For achieving crack free weld joints on mild steel and cast iron
  • Suitable for joining/repairing welding of SG Iron, grey iron as well as high-strength type cast iron
  • Suitable for heavy work pieces
  • Suitable for highly stressed joints

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Cutting & Gouging Electrodes make use of copper-coated graphite electrodes for producing the arc with compressed air assisting in blowing of molten metal. The process assists in removing faulty welds as well as in cutting/piercing of scrap. The arc that is produced using these electrodes helps in releasing high pressure gas stream that is generated from fast burning of material in coating and supports removal of molten metal.

Further, the cutting is also achieved through Oxy-arc method with arc forming between electrodes and work piece. After arc formation, the presence of compressed oxygen which goes through tabular graphite electrode helps in starting combustion that in turn results in cutting of the piece.

Available Choices:
  • Royal Bronze
  • Royal Cut

Available Choices:


Maintenance Electrodes are extensively used in repair and maintenance applications as well as for manual and automatic welding processes. Providing for quality and cost effective welding support, these are developed as per industry standards so as to provide optimum performance support in given applications.

These maintenance welding electrodes can be used for cutting and piercing of all metals as well as for removal of rivets as well as defective metal positions. Further, in castings these are also used for runner and riser core expansion.

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